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Posted by Ezekiel 25:17 on February 19, 2002 at 02:12:47:

Let me digress a little :)

What is there in today's world that is worth believing in? (deities aside)

1. I believe in humanity.
I believe that although no one is perfect, we all have the ability to learn from our mistakes and the free will to choose to do so.

2. I believe in truth.
The little of it there is around, makes it all the more valuable, even though there is little absolute truth.

3. I believe in knowledge
The more we know, the more able we are to cope with events and make the correct decisions.

4. I believe in honour
Without trust, the full potential of humanity will never be reached.

5. I believe in hope
Without hope, why do we even bother to continue to survive.

What don't I believe in?

1. I don't believe in justice.
Justice is a term usually used by one person at the expense of another.

2. I don't believe in good and evil.
No one is born inherently and inescapably evil with no method of redemption. Similarly, the opposite also applies. Any acts which are deemed 'good' or 'evil' are usually applied by those which dislike an act done by another. These acts aren't necessarily in themselves evil.

3. I don't believe in destiny.
Coincidence, no matter how extraordinary or improbable is still just that. If our lives were controlled or pre-planned than what use is it to even try to influence our fate?

4. I don't believe in using CAPITAL LETTERS to emphasise a point :)

Use quotation marks by all means to emphasise something, but there are no brownie points given out to the loud :)


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