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Not long ago, the first complaints started rolling in about how certain high schools are blocking from their networks.

I would thank the person who told me about it and they would reply in astonishment, "Well, aren't you going to do something?"

I'm certainly not going to go to war over it.  I'm as docile a sheep as the next fella.  I try to keep Lies People Tell pretty P.G.-13 but I can see how some high school administrators might get a little nervous about a site that prints the lies adults tell children.

What I am doing is asking visitors to the site the question:

Should Lies People Tell Be Censored? 

There are quite a few more YES replies than I had hoped for.   But before I send you into all these YES and NO replies, here is my favorite reply of all I have received thus far:

Don't be daft. This site is as harmless as a legless kitten.
                --- Erin

Onward To More About Censoring LIES PEOPLE TELL

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