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Do Men And Women Lie Differently about...

Drugs and Alcohol?

I can quit any time I want to.

This is another of the Do Men And Women Lie Differently About... Surveys.  This one's about drugs and booze.  I know, you're bored to tears with it.  Me too.  But I keep getting these lies from women who are constantly complaining that men use "I was drunk" as an excuse for just about everything, from pimpin' it down with some slime 'ho, to not showing up for the weekend, to stealing.

My question is this: How do men and women lie differently about it?  Do men use it as an excuse more?  Do women ever use it as an excuse?

I'm sure we'll all be surprised.

Jump in below and stay tuned.

Lies People Tell


How do men and women lie diferently about... drugs and alcohol?


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Hi there....there is a bit more to the story. Now my wife has a guy who she does weekly. I am horny and need relief. My wife has given me permission to do the same. i live San Diego so write and let's play. Nothing like a
                --- Jim

My wife started having a "special friend" about 3 years ago. She told me it stopped, however, I just found out in July of 2002 it was going on each week sometimes two or three. Boy was I a fool.

Now she is onto her next guy. She can't stop.
                --- Jim

Women lie all the time whether they’ve been drinking alcohol or not. What’s worse is that they do it to one another very frequently. They all seem to like the concept of ‘girl power’ and ‘sisters doing it for themselves’ but their bonds with each other in all but the most exceptional cases weak and especially fickle.

Example: I’ve seen my Wife and her Friends ostracise a girl of whom one of their group took a dislike to by not inviting her out and claiming that they ‘didn’t know’ when they were meeting up, even to the point of phoning each other in advance to confirm what lie they would all be using should they get a call from someone unwelcome…… It’s just one example of many that take place among Women constantly.

Perversely, I don’t think that lying on alcohol is as bad, as alcohol is a drug that removes inhibitions. What it also does though is let people show their true colours. I’ve been in pubs where Women – Really awful ones with bad personalities and that ‘I hate men’ persona that we all know so well – get plastered and then letch all over my Mates and myself, either flirting for Free Drinks or easy sex (Lets be honest – blokes are easy ;-) ).

And there I am sat with a wedding ring on….It’s all quite grotesque.

                --- Phil

When I used drugs and alcohol it was a tool to escape from my feelings. Now that I have sobered up I can take responsibility for my actions and feelings and do something constructive, like being of service to other struggling partiers. I did alot of damage under the influence and I used it as an excuse to do anything I felt I needed to do at the cost of everyonelses expense. For me picking up a drug or drink was my reaction to the fear of feeling and dealing with life. It has proven to be an unsuccessful solution.
                --- Arron Honne
San Fran, CA99 USA9
I prefer Cannibis over alchohol. I don't lie about it to anyone. For those who say I'm wrong I say look what happened at the footbal games in Cleveland and New Orleans this past week; anyone who says alchohol isn't a prolblem is either lying, or mistaken. D.A.R.E. and the drug war are lies.
                --- Fender

Women are compulsive liars. no matter what the subject. they seem to have a talent of taking a lie and making it truth. the human mind is convinced very easily of things. Man's downfall is the fact that we think with our second head. women are to appealing and too attractive to say no to sometimes. it is not that we can't say no it is that we don't want to say no. and i enjoy smoking pot. no i love smoking pot. there is nothing better, well maybe sex. i am just being honest this is how most guys like me think. women think it is pig headed of a guy to think this way well i think that they are full of shit then. Pot is not addicting. it is not a gateway drug. and should be legal thank you everyone that puts smoke in my lungs. and your welcome when i got you back.
                --- tim

The big lie? That Pot is bad for you. I am a pothead. I don't mean I smoke it all the time. But I would if I could find it and could buy it. I wish it was legal. My fondest wish is it to be legalized in twenty or thirty years so I can just grow it myself when I retire. Old folks always seem to be gardening...well I KNOW what kind of garden I'd grow!
                --- Jerry

We can't all handle the truth.
                --- Bobby

anything i've ever done is not so bad that you
should look down on me. But I can guaran-goddam-tee ya if you think you did more than Me, you are
sadly mistaken.
                --- Will_Dog

I always lie.... and thats the truth....
                --- "Anon"

Yes, men and woman lie. I close friend of mine (known him for over 20+ years) has a saying which is like don't ask don't tell, or if you talk to much the flies go into your mouth. I have been a sexual addict for years and this has been added with drinking on occassion. I love pornography. I am very private with my addictions. The one person (believe it or not) that I am always honest with is my wife. I think we are co-addicts with the sex part although I think we both have a high drive. My view is that when people admit the truth to themselves they are a lot happier. As a person who considers himself a "hedonist," I do not feel the need to give up my sex, pornography or masturbation addiction.
                --- Mitch

do you men?
                --- shany

I tried pot once. Yes, I DID inhale - thought I was gonna die!
That's what I get for trying to impress a chick...
                --- Comedywriter

I think that men are much more inclined to admit if they had no sense of control due to self abuse than women, who it seems to me cant accept the fact that they COMPLETELY LOST IT!!!
                --- david andrews

the biggest lies about drugs are those we tell to ourselves. when we stop lying to ourselves, we will stop lying to others. whether we are men or women
                --- ellis dee

remove my email from this list!!!
                --- "Anon"

I have a big problem that i hide from everyone except my wife and close friend. i am very successful so i appear normal--which is a mixed blessing
                --- "Anon"
San Jose, CA99 USA9
I don't know much about drugs other than to say that it is an addiction. The lies that people tell about drinking is something that I do understand. D.E.N.I.A.L.( Don't even no it's a lie ) Alchohol is legal and usually accepted among society. It's when it is abused as society likes to look at it that is not accepted. But what society does not know is that an alchoholic person has no more idea why he or she does what they do than you do. Alchoholism is a diesese of perception. That coped with denial will keep anyone living a lie to the gates of a self made hell. Trying to act and behave like someone who can handle drinking is the dream of every alchoholic. It is a shame that society has painted the picture of the useless drunken bum. This is what an alchoholic looks to prevent all the way to insanity and death. It is a self diagnosis that only an alchoholic can make. Anyone else don't know what they are talking about and the alchoholic will do everything he or she can to prove the other person wrong. Including dieing. So my opinion is what difference does it really make if men and women lie differently about drinking. Either way society judges you before they will help you. If you help another person no matter who or what they are the real gift is received by the person who does the helping not the receiver. Put more into life than you take and you will be rich beyond your wildest imagination. Thanks--Terry
                --- Terry

As a pharmacist who has been addicted to hard narcs for 10 years(Vicodin is the devil,beware) and is just now almost 2 months sober here is the deal in terms of basic chemistry laws-like dissolves in like-if you are a big drinker more than likely she is....if a fat sack of the kind is on the list for the weekend..oh yeah,she'll go bowling with ya...I attract the most fucked up women you can imagine(studies show that over 90% of women who use drugs have been sexually abused) even though I'm not using's a chemistry's a vibe...don't believe me?? an experiment.The next woman you meet and are almost immediately attracted to and she attracted to you,you know,where you"click" from the start,find out about her....oh,she may not drink ,but she's anorexic...she may not smoke dope, but she shops obessesivly(retail therapy) and is in debt up to her tits...
It's an addiction highway,and if you are in a lane(sex,drugs,booze,spending,gambling,food)than she will be in a lane too.Don't worry about it.You will have a way of finding each other.It's called being a "creeping meatball"...when all the spaghetti is eaten the meatballs seem to come together in the center of the plate. Thank God I'm over that now.Been to rehab.Today I have a serene life because everyday(sometimes twice a day) I make it a point to embrace my higher power(a stripper named Candy.)09/21/00

                --- Pablo el Diablo

women lie about masterbation.
                --- daniel

I think there is a point when both men and women lie to themselves more about their drinking then they are lying to anyone else.
                --- Randee

Hey -- some of the chicks pictures that pop up on this site are hot -- is there any way I could meet them or something??
                --- "Anon"

Lies are an easy way to get out of explaining something. The thing about lies is that you have to tell another lie to cover up a previous lie, it's like a chain. Anyone can lie it takes a courageous person to face the truth. You may lie to a person and feel smart and believe that you have fooled them which may or may not be the case. It relly pisses me off for anyone to insult my intelligence with a lie. If you are liar you know it and most importantly GOD knows it.
                --- BJ

                --- Vladimire Nigel

You know what really SUCKS?? I can't seem to get away from people telling me that I drink too damn much! All my friends drink about three or four times a week. So do I. But they get totally messed up each and every time they do it. I only get really messed up about once or twice a week. Does that mean I have a problem??

I have actually said this sentence that you folks seem to think is a lie: I can quit any time I want to. But the fact is: WHY IN THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO???

I drink for the FEELING. The feeling feels good!!

I wish everyone would just mind their own business!

                --- "Anon"


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some men are nasty they don't have no respect for women even you give them anything they want they still go look for another behind. specially they one who keeps lie about they don't have a wife. Men always going to be men no matter what you do. My husband an i being married for 8 years, he never go anywhere without me or lie to me and i do the same to him.
                --- bernita

I had meet this married guy on the internet called John a cop from NYC. I was married at the time. I never lied to John about anything. I told him about my husband and my son right from the start. I thought honesty was the best policy. However John never talked about his home life. Only that there was something missing in it. I must addmitt I was pretty stupid to fall for this guy months after chatting on the internet we had ( more like he had decided to meet me) I agree my marriage was trouble for a few year. I had never cheated on my husband in the whole 17 years we were married. John on the other hand was only married for 9 years at the time . He was 11 years older then me. I was foolish to believe in him but yet I longed to be helded something that my hjusband hadn't done in years. Well an affair started. It was very hot and heavey, then suddenly without no warning he said he had to break it off.He still chats with me until this very day as a friend. But I knew we were both wrong dating each other and cheating on our mates. He on the othewr hand said no. He had did this in the past it just put more excitment in the marriage and begins them closer together. Great for him I feel in love with him and I said him while he was seeing me if he was seeing any one besides his wife whilke he was seeing me.....he said no but I found out he was lying. To this very day I can't trust John. He also gets very upset when I asked him to be honest with me. Our affair is long over and so is my marriage i could not live with the guilt but hje is still married to a lady that probably doesn't even know that he fools around on her and still does just with someone new.
                --- "Anon"

i met my partner 2 yrs ago.he's smoked ganja for alot longer than those 2 yrs. he's never once lied 2 me about it not even when i found out. I think men take drugs more seriously than alcohol and therefore will be more likely to use alcohol as an excuse and lie about it as it an every day essential to most men!

                --- Tonia

men lie bad about there alcohol and drug use than women. they try to hide there feelings of the truth that they dont use them or they can control there self something like that.and honestly women cant keep it to there self. we talk to comes out before we think. some women may lie but not much as men cause men r good at lieing.
                --- carlene

no comment
                --- cristina

i dont lie about my ganja use.although my ex did and still does lie about his methamphetamine use.........i think men lie diffreanty then woman in 2 simple are more insecure about there drug use and more so if there partner does not do the drug or if the mans partner is clean from the drug.....and i had this partner who said he was not using chemical and he was always under the influence when i would see him the warning signs are kinda easy to detect if u know how the drug makes the human body react....ok im stoned and i have no clue what i am talkng about
                --- witch

Women and men are trapped by first, their addictions and then their lies about it and the bs that goes with abusing dope. I suppose we're all ashamed, gender aside. Women just lie it seems to please their listener as well as avoid pain - is that weak or what??? We're lame so often. Men lie to avoid pain and to gain power over their listener. Fuck that.
                --- marla

Men addmit to having a beer with a buddy, reality is they consumed more than 1; when high on crank, they use work as their excuse for being late.
Women admit to all alcohol consumed; if on crank, they blame men for causing the extra work that keeps them from being together.(ex: extra laundry-had to clean the shower-dish's).
                --- renae

Well been married eleven years I somke Cigarettes and every time me and my husband get infront of people he talks of me needing to Quit and how bad it is which it is BAD!! smoking is really BAD!! but here he will down me and smoke pot!! and hide it from the world spend money out the butt on it! that makes me mad! I sometimes feel like Yelling somkings BAD But pot is really BAD!! you go to jail for it you know!! he I hate pot! I hate smoking I do it cause I haven't really wanted to quit but he will NEVER say pot is bad EVER!! it's all him! without his pot! He becomes a wife beater a yeller! a I can't do anything or think with out it! so anyone who does drugs like pot well grow up! my little brother died from hard drugs not smoking but hard drugs!
                --- kath

I don't actually think you should dump him. I think that you should BE dumped. Only a lowlife ugly bitch would snag a man away from a happy marriage. In my opinion, you shouldn't be with him in the first place, so why are you considering waiting or dumping? Get a clue, girl, and get yourself a man instead of stealing one from somebody else. It's people like you that make women depressed. Think about what kind of a person you are---ruining people's lives for selfish reasons. Till then, all I can say is that you don't even deserve a man.
                --- Sprite

I am very interested with this topic, so please send me the article,thank you.

Kind regards,
                --- dayat

Men they say there out working late or had a business date that couldnt be cancelled.You can ask them where have they been they would make up an accuse.
                --- Tina

I am fifteen years old and me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost three months, but we have known each other for about a year. When we first meet I really wanted him to like me, but we had little in common, so i told him that i did drugs(because he did) and ever since then we have been really close. A few weeks ago i lied to him and said that i took heroin. im so afraid that he will immediatly hate me for lying to him if he ever finds out. I love him and i cant lose him. I have vowed to not lie to him again, but it's like the past lies jus keep catching up with me.
                --- "Anon"

I'm 20 & I have eperienced men's lie about drugs & alcolhol 1st hand from family, friends, lovers, & acquaintances. My father was abusive when he drank & cheated on my mom alot. When I was 13, I had an opportunity to smoke pot w/some friends (male & female). I made the mistake of telling my younger brother & he threatened to tell my parents so I never smoked. Then I discover a few years later that my brother was smoking w/his friends & concealed it for alomost a year. Recently I met a guy at work (we still have unresolved issues) who I had the misfortune of getting involved w/on a intimate/friendly level. He would promise to take me out but end up smoking up w/his buddies & i took him bak over & over even though he sopped taking about it when he liked me, but chose drugs again. I believe that it is a physical/mental addiction & for any guys (or girls) that have a good person in front of you, dont mess it up by denying there is a problem. chances are, no matter how much somebody cares about you, they will leave you alone b/c you left an empty feeling in their heart & your soul will begin to fade away until you open up your eyes.
                --- crystal

Hi!I am eighteen years old.My boyfriend of two years just returned home for the holidays.(He's attending college in America).We had a great relationship back when he was here.I have remained loyal to him even though he was gone an entire year.

In the beginning,he was too.But last December,he had an affair with a Polish girl at his college.He didn't tell me.I found out.Later on,he said that he didn't say anything because it wasn't serious and he didn't want to hurt me.Then he started sending me a whole bunch of sweet mushy cards to win me back.He's also a compulsive flirt and can't stay away from other girls.

But now that he's here,he is acting really strange.He told me that we are not TOGETHER anymore,even though he's not seeing anyone .He also said that he no longer feels the same way about me.I should mention that most of this information is second-hand (gathered from conversations he's had with his friends)as he hasn't been communicating all that well.How can I get him to talk?

This is the first relationship I have ever had.I love him and desperately want to make it work.At the same time I abhor the idea of letting a manipulative smooth-talker control me.I'm confused and hurting really bad inside.Please help!
                --- "Anon"

I think, especially in high school, men and women lie about drugs/drinking to fit in. I know I said I had tried certian things before I did try them so I wouldn't look 'dumb' in front of my peers. As I got older I noticed men tend to use substances as an excuse for everything while women hide the fact that they do anything (this is in general, I know people who don't do either of those things).
                --- Sarina

Do not click this link! It contains malicious drug abuse code that will cause your computer to overload!
                --- Federales

It is hard to Know if your partner is lieing but this site helps.. Thank you...
                --- Melissa
Mt.Vernon, Il.99 US9
Women that do drugs/drink lie about it because it's unattractive for a woman to be into drugs and alcohol, while men on the other hand use being drunk or stoned as an excuse to get out of some hole that they've dug for themselves in various situation
                --- Leslie G.

When asked this question that,why do people lie,the best thing they can say to justify their lies is,we lie sometimes so that the other person get hurt.This answer i thik is itself a lie.
from the time you are born,you are reminded by your parents at home,your teachers in school not to lie.And sometimes when you do not listen you are punished for lying.

Well I think its a good habit to speak the truth and avoid unnecessarey trouble that lying can get you into.You shouold understand that if you think that you are too smart and can get away by lying then you are up for a big surprise because sooner or later you are going to be caught.another thing which is very much true is that to hide a lie you have to speak a 100 more lies which really makes matters worse.

To avoid the embarasement of being caught and make a fool out of yourself I would say that its better to be honest and truthful to others.

                --- "Anon"

I feel that men and women are a lot alike in many ways... We use the same lies, just for different reasons. I am not the "typical" female. I do not believe that women should send subtle hints and that the only reason that people act as if they are offended by pornography is because they have been led to believe that sex is bad. To tell you the truth, we all know that if we were alone in a room and knew that no one would be ciming in anytime soon we all would be checking out the porn channel, even if it is purely out of curiosity. But the subject is lying about drugs and alcohol. When a man gets drunk and screws some woman it is no big deal, if a woman does the same thing she may be considered a slut. So she lies and says that she can't remember or that she was raped. I personally do not see the big deal; humans are stupid, deal with it. I feel that men start doing drugs out of stupidity and trying to fit in, women start it out of insecurity and also trying to fit in (yes, I do know from personal experience). I do not feel, however, that drinking is an excuse. I have been able to say "no" on the brink of passing out. I have never had sex while I was drunk or on drugs. You don't do things unless you want to or if you are too weak and insecure to stand up for yourself and fight back. So when women blame something that they do on the drugs and/or alcohol they simply mean that they were stupid. When men blame things on drugs and/or alcohol they are simply saying that they did what they wanted to but never had the guts for any other time. Think of it as added courage and a stupidity aide.
                --- LE

Make up your own mind, decide what are the good and bad triats of both you and him. Then make yan educated decision as to your future. Don't be a fool and do something stupid.
                --- Mr. Anon

Men and women don't lie differently at all. It's the reasons they lie that is important. Men seem to lie to cover their asses, but all the girls i know that lie about this stuff do it so they don't hurt anyone(usually themselves,who wants a liar anyway!). Thats my opinion. I gave up on the whole lie thing a long time ago. Now if I'm being questioned about this kind of thig I say hey I did it because I wanted to, not because anyone or anything made me. Lies are worth losing friends and respect over. People tend to respect you more when you're honest.

                --- sexkitten452

Men will lie about any single thing they can provided they don't THINK they will get caught. Take tonight. Chris came home and I asked him if he had any beer before coming home. No, he said they don't serve beer at the store. So, an hour later we're out to dinner. I got freshened up. I see a receipt sticking out of his pocket so I grabbed it. Low and behold it was a bar tab for almost fifty bucks. Oh his response was he bought 16 beers for the other guys and one for himself. He just kissed our engagement good bye. One lie too many.
                --- Cass Frambes

i will admitt to it. if I was a little naughty the night before, i will tell people that i dont remember a thing. i was drunk. mostly because im embarrassed or some of my secret desires may have surfaced and the next day i needed to cover them back up.

                --- Anon

Dont you have any self respect the greatest love of all is loving yourself.If you cant love yourself no one will. Think about it
                --- donna

I do believe men and women lie differently about everything but most of
all drugs and alcohol. If we see a man falling face forward onto the
bar we say he had a good time--maybe too good, but we make light of it.
If a woman does the same thing she's scorned and thought to be a
hardcore drunk or a hardcore drunk that men can take advantage of.
There's still that double-standard about how drinking men are macho,
while drinking women are probably sluts. That said, women seem to be
sneakier about their drinking if they do have a problem with alcohol.
So a man might say, "I got Spit-faced and slept it off," while a woman
might say, "I was just so tired, I let [name of man] take me home and he
took advantage of me. Women are also more likely to buy miniature
bottles of booze to tuck in their purses or hide around the house so
they can take a nip here and there. Men alcoholics don't seem to care
who sees them sucking down 180 proof. You just don't see many women
drinking from!
bottles wrapped in brown paper bags.


                --- Hilda






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