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Men Tell Women

           From the simple, "I'll call," to the more complex, "I'll only put the head in," there can be no denying that men lie to women. The trouble is, men are usually after only one thing.  Women are also usually after only one thing.  However, these two things are very rarely the same.




This accounts for some of
The Lies Men Tell Women



Lies People Tell
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award to Terry England for candidness and honesty after surviving a lie that went above and beyond the call of duty. 

"Yes, I had her at the house several times while you were gone. We stopped to feed the dog."

from: Terry England


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Men Fake It, Too


Alejandro Ballara

When I used to study in Amsterdam I had a few African friends, and one of   them introduced me to this girl for a one nighter.  I was shocked at how my friends endorsement could get me laid in less than an hour.  Anyway, we go to my place and all the while rap tunes of killer sex are drifting  through my mind, i'm thinking,  "nirvana is within reach."  We smoke a joint in my place (it's legal there), then we get to bed.  We have sex for fifty minutes and all the while she's making this godawfull noise, all of a sudden she stops, she just stops.   I'm wondering if she's just taking a  breather but she just says, "I'm tired now, was it as good for you as it was for me?" I consider telling her that she was one of the worst lays in my life but what the hell, "yes baby, I never felt so good."  She falls asleep and I remind myself never to be so naive.  The next day, after she's gone, I light up a joint and consider the bizarre events of   last night, it suddenly hits me, I faked an orgasm for the first time in my life, oy vey!

Kept Our Clothes On Lie
Terry England

My husband had a long term affair.  When I ask if he slept with her, his response was "yes, but we kept our clothes on."

I'm blonde, but not that blonde.


Lies Men Tell Everybody
Mark W Henshaw

I once knew a man who had more sex than you would believe. He had a good physique, but it was like an ogre's. He wasn't attractive like guys on the covers of romance novels.  He was handsome but scary, like a linebacker.  He was NICE. Sooooo nice. He'd tell me (and I'm a guy!) how smart I was, how much he liked the things I said and made. He laughed at everything I said. He even paid more attention to me than his best friend who really deserved it more due to greater extroversion and charisma. He acted hurt when I didn't number him among my friends. Such deference he showed me...

So one night he writes a suicide note. His friends all meet and hold council while he's asleep. They say something about him waking up soon. So I hang around. Everyone else eventually leaves/goes to bed. I'm still there. All night. I figure, this guy cares about me, he's hurting, I oughta show my support. Morning comes. His friends return. One of them who doesn't like me (well enough, I utterly ridicule his name) tells me I smell. Of course I smell, you nimrod! I'm here all night, it's summer, there's a shower but no soap, and I'm wearing the same sweaty clothes from the night before.

Morning turns into afternoon. FINALLY he wakes up, after 15 hours of sleep. Everybody's there. He makes light of everything, plays video games. I'm sleepy and look like shit. Everyone else is talking to him, I figure I'll never have a chance to really say anything, so I go home. I figure my presence, the fact I stayed up all night waiting for him, should count for something.

In a couple days I call him up, say "Hey, you know I feel like I never got to know you and when things looked like you might not be around I realized I may have been missing out. Do you want to get together?" I did want to see him, but more than anything else I was hoping to make sure he was OK. He says "Wednesday," I tell him OK, hang up. Now this girl I really liked (long story) wanted to hang out. I called her the next day, she said Wednesday. I used to think she was always lying when she said she was really busy and couldn't see me, then I realized from all the schoolbooks and hours she put in at work (and I called her there, so I know she put in plenty of hours) and really WAS busy. So it's a rare chance I had to see her; I told her I couldn't.

Wednesday rolls around, guess who forgets to call? I try calling his place, no one's there. When next we speak I ask about it. He uses this really toneless voice, says, "I got caught outside my house and didn't have your number." How many girls (I wondered at that moment) had heard the same thing? All he wanted from me or anyone at that night was reassurance, much the same way all he wanted from all the girls he had defiled was quick, clean sex. Ladies, don't fall for this shit. Lots of men (like me) aren't interested in you for your pussy. We'll tell you the truth.

I'm easily better looking than most guys, but I have basic scruples, so I'm honest with people. Hence my relationships often don't go anywhere. Scum like this liar seem "sensitive" because they wear a pained expression when listening to your sad stories, laugh at your jokes, make you feel good about yourself. But the truth of the matter is that whereas these guys can come off as being deep and caring, when it comes down to it THEY are the ones who are only interested in you for sex. They DON'T think you're the prettiest girl they've met, they DON'T love you, they DIDN'T forget to call you, they DON'T find you charming or urbane, and they have NO intention of calling you back. They DO find you soft and moist.

If I may, I'd like to say that it isn't so much that there are lies men tell women and vice versa. Really there are liars and recipients. Insensitive and unscrupulous people will always lie. Not necessarily on purpose; they just care nothing for the truth. The sad thing is only that society expects us to lie and turns otherwise honest folk into liars. How? The sensitive recipients don't want the truth. If I had simply lied to women when they asked "Do you love me," or better, "Do you respect my feelings?" they would have been happier in the short run and I would have had what I wanted. But if you swallow lies, you're not living in the real world; you're just entertaining delusions- and making more liars. I just wish more of you had the basic courage to look reality in the face, whether or not it makes you weep. The world would be a different place- I guarantee you that.


I am only 15, and I have been lied to by men many, many times. Let's see now....(as the lady above says: "and these are just a few"): There was Matt, who came on to me at a party, told me I was gorgeous, told me he'd never met anyone like me before, told me he wished he could be with me forever, then refused to speak to me the next day! 

There was Savy, who was the recipient of the first head job I ever gave, who insisted he'd never been with a girl before....the next day I found out he'd lost his virginity at thirteen....go figure. There was Alexis who did the good ol' "I think you're a great person, but the time's not right"...which backfired on him, when at a party about a week later we both drank too much and ending up getting on down the back of the yard.

And most recently there was Darren. Yes. Well. Darren, who I met coming home on the bus, who three hours later rocked up at my house, who half an hour after that was in my bed......he said (a) he was my age (he's 17 in truth), (b) he really loved me (for crap's sake, he'd only known me four hours, and he couldn't even remember my last name) (c) he could tell we were "ready" (I am a virgin, and do not plan on screwing someone I've only known for four hours...)

Anyway....I am sick of being lied to. Basically I am sick of guys. If I didn't like them so much, I would become a lesbian. For all you guys out there, I have one thing to say to you:. when you stop being a bunch of lying assholes, I'll stop being a sadistic bitch.


from: Lissy
(15 years old and from Australia)

Lies Men Tell To Older Women

from Genie

Right, they just want to get us for our "experience."  I have had that lie too often.  Shame on me.  All from black men, sorry to say.  They all said they wanted to date an older woman and have a real relationship.  I even tried to starve them off sexually for a few dates, but they were fast, and I am guilty of wanting it too.  But with each, they disappeared; busy, etc.  Moral of the story:  don't fall for that lie, especially with black men.  Never gotten it from a white guy; they just want sex and they tell you. Don't know if it.  What say some of you women who know this lie????  
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If It Weren't For The Sex, I Think I'd Be Gay Lies

age 20

Some of the lies men tell women are as follows:

"I love you no matter how you look." They usually tell you this when you have your makeup and your hair done and are dressed up ready to go out.  But as soon as you take off the make-up, don't do your hair, and are laying around in your pajamas and have gained ten pounds, they change their stories fast.  They are too busy to see you, or have decided that you two should "just be friends."

Another lie is: "Baby, I don't just want sex from you."  After you give it to them, they are gone after they are tired of it.

Or how about:  "I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met."   Then, when you go out in public, they are looking at every woman but you.

If I didn't like sex with men so much, I would seriously think of becoming gay. At least women know how it feels to be treated like shit by men.  

I've been lied to by every man I've ever dated, but by far the best lie I ever heard was from a guy I'd been going out with for about six months, and he was already talking about marriage. Everything was perfect, but out of the blue one week he told me that he had to break up with me because his grandmother died, and made a deathbed wish that he couldn't get involved with anyone until he was out of school!  If all men are like this pathetic lying bastard, then I think I'm going to be gay!

Granny's Deathbed Wish Lie

from: Eva













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