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Lies Our Parents Told Us


Penis Lie
from: Jill Elaine Hughes

When I was about six years old I often enjoyed watching my aunt change my young cousin's diaper because I was curious about his penis, as I did not have one of my own.   I called it a "thing."

I asked my mother why boys had "things" and girls did not.  She replied:   "Boys use their 'things' as paintbrushes when they grow up.  That's why there are no women painters."

My summer camp counselors told some whoppers to keep us in bed at night. The one that scared me the most stated: "If your feet are touching the ground at midnight, the devil's hands will reach up out of the ground and pull you down to hell!" (After I grew out of this one, I used it to scare my little sister!)

The Devil's Hands

from: anon


Turning On The Sun Lie
from: Kristine

When I was younger (maybe 7 or 8) my uncle who is four years older would tell me that he turned on the sun in the morning. I said that I wanted to go with him because I didn't believe him. The following morning when I woke up he said he had taken me but I slept through it.

Magic Tree House Lie
from: anon

My little sister used to wonder what I did at night after her bedtime, in the two hours extra that I got to stay up.  I told her that I went up the street and around the block to a place called the Magic Tree House, a place that was invisible in the daytime and to which only club members were admitted. I told her only the older kids were allowed to join, and it was secret, so if she asked any of the older kids in the neighborhood they would deny it existed or that they were members.

Hey, Who Hit Me Lie
from: Kristine

When I was a kid my uncle Sam would hit me.  I'd say, "Hey, why'd you do that?"  Sam would claim he hadn't hit me, he'd say, "Jack hit you."  Jack was always the one doing the mean stuff to me and when he was nice he was Sam.

I'm from Central America, and in our countries parents tell kids that if they swallow the chewing gum their anus will get clogged.

Clogged Anus

from: Arthur
(Central America)

En los paises Centroamericanos los padres siempre advierten a los niños que no se traguen el chicle de masticar, porque se les puede bloquear el ano.

Sadistic Liar Lie
from: Frank Lee

Okay, so when I was a kid I was playing big African hunters with my neighbor Neil... I was the lion... he had the hammer (gun), which he flung it at me and hit me smack between the eyes (ouch!).  With blood streaming down my face I rushed home to mom screaming at the top of my lungs... I screamed to my mom "am I going to die? am I going to die?" and I think she must have misunderstood and thought that I was asking if I was going to be okay. She answered in the affirmative, "Yes you will, but don't worry the doctor will take care of it."  I cried all the way to the doctor...I thought that I was about to meet my maker.  Well he put a couple of stitches in and I went home with a bandage and a headache. 

To this day, I don't know if my mom was confused or just a sadistic liar that liked kicking her son while he was down.


When a child makes a threatening gesture, as a fist, or shaking or pointing the index finger, the hand will become permanently deformed.


from: Arthur
(Central America)

Cuando los niños hacen un gesto amenazador con la mano, los padres advierten que si lo vuelves a hacer, la mano se te va a engarrotar.


Hair Lie
from: Chris

I was five years old and I noticed that my dad didn’t have any hair in a big circle at the back of his head.

I asked him, "Dad, why don’t you have any hair in that big circle at the back of your head?"

"Your mother pulls it out," he told me.


Probably you have this one in this country, when the child tells a lie, parents will tell them it's written on their forehead.

Lie About Lies
from: Arthur
(Central America)

Cuando el niño dice una mentira, los padres les dicen que esta escrito en la

Cigarette Butts Lie
from: Chris

I was four years old and I was relaxing with my head on my mother’s stomach. I heard strangle gurgling noises. Strange rumbling sounds. I couldn’t believe there was so much noise in my mother’s stomach.

I asked her, "Mom, what’s all that noise in your stomach."

"Cigarette butts," she told me.

I had known cigarette butts all my life. They were the foul smelling crumpled remains of the cigarettes my mom smoked by the carton. I knew she didn’t eat them but I imagined that while some of the cigarette remained in ash trays, the rest of it reformed into a cigarette butt in her stomach.

Pot Lie
from: A Waitress

When I was just entering my teen years, my mom pulled me aside and she said, "There’s something I should tell you."

"What’s that, mom?"

"I just want you to know that both your father and I are allergic to marijuana." I think she said "marijuana" to make it sound like some big scary far away thing.

"Okay." I said.

"Well," she said. "That means that genetically you are also allergic to marijuana."

I learned later she was lying.

I'm Gonna... Lie
from: Joseph Sloan

When the frustrated parent says:  "When I get you home I'm gonna..." and then pauses or trails off without completing their...  It means they ain't gonna nothin'. And they, and the kid and everyone else knows it.
When I was in second grade, my older sister saw me biting the inside of my cheek.  She told me that if I didn't quit the habit, I'd eventually bite a hole through my cheek.  She said it happened to her and asked me if I could see the scar.  I couldn't, but she asked my mom, "Don't you remember how big that hole was?"  My mom played along, and for a good couple years I believed that I'd get a hole in my cheek if I kept biting.  Ironically, it wasn't enough to make me stop!

Biting A Hole Through My Cheek Lie
from: Chad Twedt

Pointing At The Cemetery

from: Gloria Dixon


When I was a young boy growing up my mother warned me never to touch a girl
in any private area or I would turn into a stone. When I reached 8 I found myself with a classmate and I started to touch her breast. Sure enough I
felt myself turning hard. She was right! Only years later did I find out that she only told me a half lie. 


Turning To Stone Lie
from: Luke Vorstermans

Bomb Lie
from: Lisa Harrington

At a very young age, like most kids, I was quite curious and had a tendency to pick up objects on the ground.  I would be most interested in the mysteries of objects lying on the ground in...say, parking lots or on sidewalks. 

One day, there was a brown paper bag in our local "Boys Market" parking lot and of course upon seeing it, I went for it.  My mother told me, "Don't touch that bag!" 

"Why?" I asked.

"There may be a bomb in it".  At that point, my mother informed me that I better not pick up strange objects because they may be "bombs."

Allergic To Boys Lie
from: Melainie Berdis

I came in one day from the park after playing touch football with the boys.  My body had red blotches all over.  I said "Mom what are all these red marks on my body?"

She said, "You're allergic to boys."

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Night Blind Horse Lie
From: Gerty

Every summer when I was a kid I used to ride horses with my friends in a small town in Utah. We would ride all day long. When  we all turned 12, we added to the fun by riding over to some boy's house we were all in love with to spy on him. Then we decided to meet other boys for a late night rendezvous. When I got home late one night, my parents told me what I had done was dangerous and that I was lucky I had made it home.

"Why?" I had asked.

"Because horses go blind at night."

I found out years later from my older sister that they had told her the same thing when she was a kid.  Horses, in truth, see better at night than most other animals.

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Smashing Bottle In Face Lie
From: Anon

I remember being in elementary school during the late fifties, long before all that Just Say No stuff, and they would show us films to keep us from smoking pot.  I remember this one film they showed us ten times over the course of several years.  It had these kids getting stoned in it.  At one point they get real thirsty.  They can't remember how to open up their coke bottles and so they smash the tops off and jab the jagged shards into their mouths.  Most gruesome bloody filmic image I have seen to date.  We were terrified.

Well, it was a lie -- I've known lots of people who smoked grass and non of them ever jammed broken glass into their mouths.

Baby Lie
from: Yolande Gottlieb

When I was a teenager and getting ready for a school dance, my grandmother took me aside to tell me that if I let a boy kiss me while we were dancing I would immediately have triplets.

I was horrified, but I asked: "What if he kisses me when we are not dancing?"
"Then," she said, "you probably will have quintuplets!"

Never Walk Over A Puddle Lie
from: Donna

I went to a catholic school and Sister Mary-Teresa used to tell us how to avoid getting into trouble with boys:

1. Never walk over a puddle: boys will see up your skirt in the reflection on the water.

2. Never wear shiny, patent leather shoes: boys will see up your skirt in the reflection on the shoes.

3. Never wear white: it makes boys think of bed sheets

Never Eat Seeds Lie
from: Rosemary

My mom used to tell us that if we ate grape seeds, apple seeds or even black berry jam, that the seeds would collect in our appendix and we would have to go to the hospital.

Where The Wild Things Are Lie
from: Chris

When I was a little kid, well all through my childhood really, my dad was never around.  I was about five when I asked him, on a particularly beautiful Saturday that would have been nice to share with him, "Where you going, Dad?"

He answered as he always did, "To where the wild things are."

"Can you take me to where the wild things are?"  I asked hopefully.

"No, you're not old enough for wild things," he said as he left.

It wasn't until I was an adult that I learned he had carried on a fifteen year affair all during my childhood and that was why I never saw him.

Tar Lie That Is Not A Lie
from: John

No one believes this but when I was a kid in San Francisco, this was south of Market, on hot days we used to tear up a chunk of the pavement tar from the street and chew it like gum.  We had the best tar in the city and kids would come from all over to try to steal our tar.

Plum Lie
from: Daisy

My mom used to tell us when we were kids that if we ate plum seeds a plum tree would grow out of our heads.  I ate them like crazy after that.


The Made-Up Family Lie
from: Stella Link

When I was younger I used to have my own imaginary family named the Glorias. I told my mom that the mother of that family was my real mother.  Everytime I told her that she wasn't my real mother she would tell me that the Glorias had taken me away from her a long time ago as if she had bought the story.  Then she told me that she was like my babysitter.  Ever since then I've never wanted a family of imaginary friends.


Seed Babies Lie
from: sunnie

My mother told me babies came from seeds.  Dip in photo solution and a baby would grow.

Perfect Family Lie
from: Anon (through form)

Let me tell you, I was raised in the "ideal family" they never lied to me, always answered my questions truthfully and to the best of their abilities.   Here is where the lie comes in, people say that lying must be learned, I say no I am a liar, and I have absolutly no remorse about it.  Lying isn't inherited, it is done for convenience, because the truth takes so much more effort.

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