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What Lies Have Men Told You?
(If You Are a Man)
What Lies Have You Told Women?

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Okay -- you know what? This site has the possibility of being a REALLY GREAT site. I just got off the phone with some Hollywood JERKOFF. He's an assistant for some Hollywood Bigwig that I have a business relationship with. Okay -- the Hollywood Jerkoff is the Bigwigs assistant -- when I first met the Bigwig he was an assistant -- okay, today, I call the Bigwig and ask to talk about something that HASN'T been faxed to me -- the assistant tells me -- oh, hey Steve, hold on a second -- he's gone for like a minute -- typical -- he comes back and says, "Sorry about that, The Bigwig is out at a breakfast meeting." -- Chances are good that that was a lie. Where did he go for a minute? Didn't he know when he answered the phone that the man he is assisting is out? Okay -- now back to your site. Look where I had to post this -- in the Lies Men Tell Women section -- well, I'm not a woman -- but this was a lie a man told me and there is no exact form here so I ahd to put it here! And I mean, I HAD to -- I got so pissed off that I was glad I could spew that story here -- mr bigwig and mr jerkoff will never read it -- they are far too important -- but I am relieved of it and can go on with my day! Thank you and please add more forms. (And more cool drawings.)
                --- Steve

I was 17 and he was 18.I met him at a party and at the time didn't think much about it.He was black and I was white.I gave him my # and the next morning he called.That night we went out and had a great time.The next day we spent the day together and even the night.I stayed the entire night and didn't do a THING but kiss.I made it clear I was a virgin.He said to me after that night that it was the best night of his life to get to be with a girl all night and not do a thing.I thought wow he respects me.Well my parents found out he was black and I stayed w/ him at his apartment.I was grounded forever.He still wanted to be w/ me and I felt the same.I snuck out every here and there and he visited me at work 3 times a night.My friends thought not so great of him though.They told me he would hurt me,etc..After 3 weeks he told me he loved me.I wouldn't say it back.Then I did one night which was the night I lost my virginity.We stayed together for 5 months after that having sex regularily.We both became phiends.Later it came out from a friend he had been w/ 29 people.WOW!!I was so hurt to think this.No I had never asked b/c I knew I was in love.So our relationship falls apart.His ex is buggin me constantly and we never had time for eachother.Then he tells me he thinks it would be best if I started seein other people.Then one night he tells me he has schizophrenia which is true.Then I find out he has a 4 year old.This was all blown out at the same week.I was mortified.It's still hard to talk about.Finally he says he talked to his mom and she suggested he let me try to decide if I would want to spend such a long time with someone like him.Then he tells me he wants to stop having sex b/c he wants to show that he loves me.Come to find out he just wasn't interested in me.Now 5 months later I still fill the love I had for him.I cry over him and I smell him everywhere as well as think I am seeing him.I loved him and I think I still do.Yea ovecourse I have been dating many people since him but I just haven't found the one.So if u got a suggestion e-mail me!THANX!
                --- Carol

lies men tell:
*you know you're the only one i ever loved.
*it only happened once...
*i don't even remember her name.
*i heard everything you said , except for the last sentece
*i tried to call you, the line was busy.
                --- georgia

Do not believe any man that ends a relationship with the "I'm not ready for a relationship" lie followed by the infamous "I want us to be friends" lie..... This is a man's way of redirecting your anger. He's thinking, "She can't be angry at a friend".... BOTTOM LINE.. He doesn't want a relationship with YOU, specifically, and the "let's be friends" lie is a hassle-free way out. AND MEN, you are suckers too, because we women use that lie on you too...

1)101 Lies Men Tell Women and Why Women Believe Them --by Dory Hollander, PhD. (It'll shock you!)
2) What Men Want! --by Bradley Gerstman, ESQ, Christopher Pizzo, CPA, and Rich Seldes, M.D
(these 3 single men tell you the UGLY TRUTH ABOUT have to read it to believe it)

                --- <>

one time when I was away my boyfriend of 2yrs
had some other girl over his house and when I found out about it, Iasked him and he said she just parked her car there.
                --- brooke

A kind of lie that hurts just as much is the lie by omission. The repeat lie that has a different twist to the previous lie. My ex-boyfriend told me he was going on a trip to one state, but when I checked his pockets, found the stub for Seattle. That's when he lied. I confronted him and he said, "Oh, they make mistakes all the time. I got it straightened out, blah, blah." Of course I didn't fall for it and he shamefully admitted that he lied via e-mail. I should have quit him then, for he never called to apologize, or to deal with this in any mature, humane way. I had to call him 2 days later and when we talked he gave me the 'we're just friends lie' and it's because 'we've recently had a fight' lie. I gave it a last chance since we were going on a very important trip together which turned out very wonderful. But two weeks after we returned, I saw in his credit card bill that he had gone to Seattle again! taken the laptop so I never knew he had been gone from work! and of course never told me about it. I split that scene so fast it was like a thunderbolt. This time I haven't called him at all, but he did. I agreed to meet him, but have changed my mind since then and sent him an e-mail telling him to get some help. It's going to be hard to give him up, time but I just couldn't live with a liar.
                --- "Anon"

When I was sixteen years old my boyfriend came over with a new car, a little green Fiat. He told me he had bought it for me. Oh, how sweet! What a guy! On our way out of the subdivision I lived in the police stopped us. The truth was the car was stolen for me.
                --- Jessica

My first love told me so many lies and I was so nieve I believed him. He did it so much he believed his own lies. My head would spin. I never knew what to believe. The first lie he told me was that he owned the car he drove to pick me up on his first date. I later after many lies found out it was a girl friend of his which was a hooker that allowed him to borrow the car for the night. He never told me this someone else that knew him did. I married him even when deep inside I knew things were wrong. I now know it was me who allowed him to lie. I stayed and let it continue. I had a choice and I picked the wrong one. It took about four years and me with a knife chasing him around because I was loosing my mind. By this time I had a baby and was working to pay all the bills and do everything why he was out screwing around my back, spending money like water,drinking heavy and coming home late. Anyway we only allow people to lie to us. I never again to this day will let anyone lie to me again. I am afraid to say I am still a codependant anyway. But I don't allow them to lie to me and I am in therapy so hopefully things will change.
                --- Lori

I was madly in love with this man. He was married. He lied to me from day one. One of the biggest lies was he would fight to stay together with me.. and would never ever lose me. And another major one was he only had one son (6) when in all reality, he has a one year old daughter. Said,if I knew about her I would think less of him.(!?!?!HA!) Needless to say HE broke up with me...hes such a lying bastard. NEVER get involved with a married man. More than likely they will only LIE just to get what they want.
                --- Sandy

"I didn't call because I really felt myself falling for you ... and I got scared."
                --- "Anon"

My grandfather told me that all grandfathers touched their granddaughters like that.
                --- "Anon"

                --- RAJA DOWNS

The lie without words has somehow become a classic in my world.
I was seventeen years old and I was trying to get this "older man's" attention. After a couple of months of general socializing, we finally went out on a dinner date. Funny how he forgot his wallet at home. At any rate, we started "going out" and I was enjoying the ride.
About two weeks after we started dating, I had a theatre camp to attend for a couple of weeks. I had a grand old time at this camp bragging about this wonderful guy back home when >> this letter arrives in the mail from my best friend saying "my boyfriend" has been hanging out with a few other girls, you know, running along the beach with them, naked.
So when I get home from my excursion, I don't confront him, I want to see what has been happening. Low and behold, HE IGNORES ME! To top it off, while ignoring me, he is screwing three other girls at once and I'm thinking, what ever drove me to want such a LOSER!?!
Small towns can make a girl frustrated... thankfully I am now living in a metropoliton world where I am free to meet, greet, love or say goodbye to those who don't have the guts or the heart to tell the truth.
By the way, I am now very happy with a man I am madly in love with who cares for me deeply....
I think?
                --- Carissa

I was 16 at the time and dating this 'perfect' guy. He was a super athlete, played violin (he was my stand partner infact), had the highest grade point average in a school of 2000 kids. He was good looking and funny. My parents thought I'd struck gold. He kept pressuring me to have sex with him. One night we were sitting on the floor in my bedroom talking. After some soft talk and trying to get me into be he says, "If you loved me you'd have sex with me." I could not believe what I was hearing. "If you loved me you'd wait!", I retorted. Nothing more was said about it. He had a friend named Mary. Mary was his best friend. "She's just a friend". I'm a trusting fool and I still am. He went out with Mary on occasion and I believed in him. Prom time came around and he was offering me Mary's old dresses and she was being super extraordinarly nice to me. Bells went off but I ignored them. Another month goes by and he takes me for icecream and tells me that he's bored with the relationship. I still hadn't slept with him. My parents were mad at me for losing this guy! After all, he was gold right? They had no idea what a creep he was. Many years later (we're still friends) I confronted him about Mary. He admitted to me that he had slept with her while he was dating me. It seems she was a bit more than his friend. I give him credit for owning up to the dirty deed. At least I know the truth now.
                --- Alison

The biggest lie possible..that all the ladies he sits with at this bar he goes to on Friday nights are OLD ..right! He says they are not people he would ever look at..Then again the one i spoke to on the phone sounded like a bat out of hell..
                --- anon

I am about a heartbeat away from suicide at this point. I met my husband 4 years ago at church - he was in the choir, on the board and taking spiritual classes. I was just getting over a painful relationship and was very honest in telling this person that lies nearly killed me before and that I believed 2 people could work out nearly anything with a solid commitment to tell the truth. At the very least, if a situation became unworkable, then both would know they'd done their part and could choose to walk away from the relationship with their integrity intact. He was kind, loving, sympathetic and adored my 3 year old. He wanted to know all about me, and I told him, even the not great parts - he would be empathic while stating he couldn't understand some things because he had never experienced them. (HA!) Long story made short, my husband cheated in every relationship he ever had before me (I was told he could never understand why a man would do that)with neighbours, friends and teen-age hookers over and over again. He stole money from places he worked and had the temerity to sue one place of business for firing him for suspecting him of theft, but being unable to prove it. They ended up having to pay him! His girlfriend prior to me was kept secretly on a string behind my back while he told everyone in the church that she was a wicked woman who had taken advantage of his naive and kind nature during counselling - and we all believed him! We knew she was a sneaky liar - but he was this *&^$ paragon among us - absolutely without blame. He gave the impression of dropping her the second her true nature came out - in reality, he just kept sneaking her in to his place for sex. He told me he'd had a test for every STD known and it was all negative and that the required amount of time had gone by to make the tests believable - he would never dream of hurting me. Truth - he'd had unprotected sex with her at least within a week of doing so with me. He knew what he was risking. He made a big deal of changing his life insurance at work to have my son and I covered upon our engagement, and in reality had his ex-girlfriend on until after we were married. (I didn't know for the longest time she had ever been on, or what the real nature of their relationship had been) He is a consumate liar and has made me doubt myself, has shamed me, manipulated me and tricked me over and over. I am not naive, uneducated orwithout prior experiences - but I don't know how anyone could be prepared for this man. He's so believable while he is lying and then can turn the tables on me until I am a wreck - we have been counselled by the pastor, a marriage counsellor and he goes to personal conselling and attends a men's group. But he doesn't change. He has been diagnosed as depressed, he is on medication - and yet he is the one with a secret life, a full time job in a management position and all the energy in the world, it seems to me. I am the one who is finally giving up. My health is failing, I am scared, doubtful and mistrustful. I know I should just go...but I put everything I had into this relationship, I waited a long time for the right one to come along, thought I was doing everything differantly - and I was - but the man wasn't and I didn't know. (We also lived on all my money at the beginning as he was on a temp. disability from a job accident) Now he is fine and I feel like an old used up 45 year old woman with not enough money to pay for an education to get qualifications to start a decent job or to properly support my son. The last piece of hell is that he has consistently been good to my son, who adores him, calls him daddy and figures he'll be around forever. My husband is adamant he loves me and doesn't want to ever leave me and will do anything to keep me - except tell me the truth apparently. Sorry this is so long - I feel I am in twilight zone due to his literaly hundreds of lies about everything. He also lies about completely nonsense things just because. If he thinks I might be upset in any way - he seems to automatically lie and then rage at me for distrusting him when I catch him lieing. I just don't get it and haven't got much energy left anyway. If ANYONE can offer any insight into what the hell is happening - please! let me know.
                --- Char

I had been living with my boyfriend, only three weeks when I discovered lie number one. He was married to an American (he is from the middle east), but told me it was just for his papers.
Lie number two is a biggie. His friend told me that he taken another woman up to his apartment! He was suppose to be at the library! When I asked him about this, he told me he did not...that he was bragging to his friends and lied to them to make himself look like a stud! He even swore on the Holy Quran that he was faithful to me. It was about three weks later, that he finally admittted to me, that he had taken another woman up to his friends apartment to talk to her and to end the relationship he had with her prior to meeting me.
He also told me that she was married...and, that she gave him money. Ha! I found out,infact, that he was giving her money.
He has lied to me so many times, that I cannot even count. I am loosing all respect for him and cannot wait until I move out of his apartment.
Guess what? I am lieing to him. His roommate is moving out the end of August and my boyfriend believes that I am going to stay and help out with the bills when he returns to college. I have no intention of doing so and am moving in with a friend. Ha! I cannot wait to see his reaction when I start to pack.
Oh yes...I went to see my family for a week and when I returned home, I discoverd that some condoms were missing. He told me his roommate used them.... I hope he burns in hell!
                --- Eva

I would never lie to you.
She's just my friend.
I love you.
I really care about you.
I like you for your mind.
no,I wasn't staring at your tits, I was admiring
your shirt.(sad fact:if he's gay it might be true)
I'll call you.
We'll hang out tommorow.
I'll be there at seven.
I am so over my x.
My cock is about 10 inches long.
                --- Alice Watson

Men are nothing but pussy hounds, assholes and
liars but for some reason I still end up falling
for them. Guys always tell me lies, it's like they
are too chicken shit to tell me the truth. When
a guy wants to fuck me sometimes he will ask me
out on a date and try to get freaky. While I just
want to be loved. I'm always falling in love with
scumbags, guys that are so self-centered that they
feel sorry for themselves for treating ME like shit! One lie this asshole told me was that he just wanted to come home with me and hold me. I
told him that I didn't want to have sex and he
said that all he wanted to do was hold me, but
once he got to my house he fucked the shit out of
me. Another guy once told me he had an STD when
he didn't, he was just too chicken shit to break
up with me so he was trying to get me to break up
with him first! What is it about a real woman that
scares a man so much? Then this guy I was in love
with that I had been going out with for four months told me he was going on tour for two weeks.
For a whole week I sat around thinking of how much
I missed him and how I couldn't wait for him to get back. Then I saw him at a concert! I asked him
why he was trying to blow me off and he said he
wasn't ready for a relationship! Maybe he should
have thought of that FOUR MONTHS AGO!ASSHOLE!
Men are pigs, and men are men, even if they dress
like women. Drag queens are just as bad as men if
not worse. I once knew this drag queen, and we were just friends. One day he calls me and tells
me he's in love with me. I told him that we were
just friends, but obviously testostrone cannot be
covered by make-up. This guy tried every lie and
low life thing to try to get me to go out with him. Once he even got someone to call my house and
tell me that he killed himself just so I would
call him! When I don't call his house, he calls me
a week later- himself! And I'm like "aren't you
supposed to be DEAD?!!" Then I tell the panty waste not to call me ever again. He promises he
won't and when I leave the apartment hes on the
phone talking to my roomate! Then he says "Well,
you told me not to call YOU." Like that's an excuse. Men always have to have some lame excuse
for thier shitty lies, because the only reason
men tell lies is because they want to get laid.
I could go on forever about all the lies men have
told me, all for a piece of ass, but there is not
enough room on this whole fucking computer. So if
you have a penis and your whole world revolves
around the size of it, GO FUCK A MAN!!
                --- Madison

Once this guy told me he loved me just because
I wouln't give him any.
                --- Nadina Junius

The most classic lie that every man uses these days "it was not me, I was not there " and most women second quess themselves thinking if it was really him they saw. all man lie even for the smallest thing that does not even matter.
                --- Star Edwards

From the time we first met, he put his lies in motion...I worked with this guy who I thought was really a nice guy. He wasn't really handsome to anyone except me, but I'm the type of person who looks at someone's personality moreso than their outside appearance. Anyway, we began to go out and he told me he had been married 2 times (I was previously married myself and a single mother of 2). He told me that his first wife and he got married when she was 19 and he was 21. He said they were in Saudi together during the war and that when they were on leave, they went to Vegas to get married. He began to tear up a bit and I the next thing he says is..."when we got back to Saudi, she was killed. We were only married 6 months..." What an awful thing, I thought. I felt so sorry for this man that I had begun to have feelings for that I said to myself, "I'll never hurt him - he's had so much pain in his life, and I am going to be the one to make him happy." He told me of his second wife and that she constantly cheated on him, threw knives at him, blah, blah, blah, and he was just this 3-job, hard-working, loving husband - OK, I know that there are women out there like that, so why would I not believe him. I worked with him myself, so I knew he was always wanting to work - of course I believed him. We eventually got engaged and married. As soon as we got married, and we got our copy of marriage certificate, I noticed that it only said he had been married once before me, so I asked him why he only wrote down one previous marriage (and I kicked myself for not noticing it before). He said "Oh, well, it was never recorded that my first wife and I were married because it was military and it was during a war and in NORTH CAROLINA, they don't record marriages until you've been married 6 months, especially during a war. I told him that sounded crazy and that he told me they were married in LAS VEGAS and he said "no I didn't - you're mistaken." I didn't of course believe that and so I told him I wanted to talk to his mom about his 1st wife, and he said "she doesn't know. Since my parents are so religous, and we got married w/o them there, they'd never forgive me. We were going to get married in a church after the war, but she died (of course, he's crying now)". No, no, no, that didn't sit right with me. It was the beginning of the end. He got fired and I supported him for 9 months while he steadily kept saying "I've been looking - no one will hire me - I keep hearing that I'm overqualified." Well, that got me thinking about his "2ND" wife (they really were married - his mom told me). He said he worked 3 jobs when he was married to her and she was a bitch. Here I was, good to him, working my ass off, supporting him and my 2 children alone, AND he lies to me constantly about EVERYTHING!!!! We seperated. Since we know so many of the same people, I got to hear that "OH, he said you were cheating on him, blah, blah, blah." So far I haven't heard that I,too, have thrown knives at him, but you never know, do ya? His whole life is one big lie, and I feel sorry for the next one who falls for him and his crap!!! Now the story will be that his 1st wife was killed in the war, and his 2nd and 3rd wives were just bitches - poor guy. Oh, before I forget - earlier I said that since I worked with him, I knew he liked going to work and that he was a hard worker - I guess I should tell you that I am an exotic dancer and that he worked at the club with me - now that I think about it, not too many guys would hate that job. Please don't think that since that is my job that I am some no-brained idiot. I've held professional positions in all of my past jobs, but this job enables me to work fewer hours for more money, and gives me more time to spend with my children. In this world, that is the most important thing we can do - spend time with our children, show them real love, and teach them to treat people how they want to be treated.
                --- Beth

I had this relationship with this guy for 6 months when he decide that he's going overseas to work for a year. He told me that I'm the only girl he loves so much and wants to marry. He asked me to wait for him and I agreed.

He told me that he will be staying with his friend (another girl) and that there's nothing between them, and I believed too. (stupid eh?)Soon after he went there, I began to suspect that things weren't quite right. When he didn't email me or didn't call me, he would tell me lies like he's very busy unpacking, looking for a new job etc, and when I ask again the next day, he will tell me a different story. Things didn't tally up, and I questioned him. He put on a really good act of how upset he was because I was questioning him after he had only been away for a week. I thought I really wronged him and APOLOGISED for questioning him (when I'm not wrong at all). When he called me, I would ask him where his friend was. It always happen that she's either in the kitchen or bathing or somewhere in the house (where she couldn't hear him making that call). Many times I wanted to ring that girl and talk to her, but I know that he will be mad at me for doing so. So I decided against it.

We just went on like this, making up, breaking up for several weeks. And it suddenly dwell on me that *gasp* she's not only just a friend, and she has been his girlfriend all this time he was going out with me. I found out that they knew each other for a long time, and I was actually the "third party"!!!

I couldn't believe that he's lying to me for a big time! He was really a nice man. But he's a BIG liar too. And even after I knew the truth, he still make me feel like it's MY fault that the relationship didn't work, and everything was my fault. I was so sick of that, and I stopped talking to him anymore since.

Girls, when someone is especially nice to you, too good to be true, beware. I learnt my lesson the hard way!
                --- Kate

I don't have a girlfriend.
                --- "Anon"

I have been dating this man from Fort Worth, (I live in Houston) for about a year. We talk on the phone every night and e-mail each other every day. A couple of weeks ago I tried calling him both on Friday and Saturday and he wasn't home either time. Should have been a red flag, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He was honest about he had a "buddy" in town from Tulsa and was going to have dinner with her.

Well last weekend we were suppose to see each other, but he cancelled at the last minute. I e-mailed him and asked what was going on? Said he hadn't been to Tulsa in a long time and wanted to visit his parents. He called me late Sunday to say he was on his way back at 6:30 at night..

I then asked him point blank what was the deal. He said he did go to see her. He wanted to check it out, and he does like her and me. I am crushed. He lied to me. By the way his initals are JNW.. So Tulsa lady, if he lied to me he will lie to you.
                --- "Anon"

"No, no, I think strippers look cheap! I would never find them attractive!"
                --- Janey

One day after picking up my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend from the gym, I was about to throw his navy blue briefs in the wash when I noticed a tell-tale white stain that looked suspiciously like semen. When I confronted him he stated that he was in the tanning bed thinking about how he would be with me soon. He said that he didn't want the sex to end too soon, so he had masturbated in order to last longer. I, of course, being completely pathetic at the time chose to give him the benefit of the doubt.

It wasn't long after that when I visited him at work and, finding him to be busy with a customer, struck up a conversation with a girl at a different counter. She asked me how I knew him, to which I replied, "He's my boyfriend." To which she replied, "He's MY boyfriend."

At that point I decided to ride the escalator, which was located directly behind where he was standing, and on my way up I boxed his ears!

Are you surprised to find out that she was a member of the same health club?
                --- Teresa

I had been with my boyfriend for about six months, and after getting mad at him for something stupid, I wouldn't talk to him for a week. When we finally got together to talk, I figured it was over, but he was all about 'I thought we just needed some time to ourselves and it made me realize how much I love you and want to be with you. . . ' He told me he wanted to marry me, and it melted my heart. So we went back to how everything was. Two months later, I found out from his best friend's girlfriend that he had been cheating on me for three or four months.
                --- brandie

I catch my husband in lies all the time. Lies about stupid, meaningless things. But much worse than the initial lie, is that he'll make vehement denials that he lied. When I know the truth. This makes me nuts. Needless to say, I can't trust anything he says as a result. I hope I can soon muster the strength to give his ass the boot!
                --- "Anon"

I am in a serious, long-term relationship with my boyfriend, and the worst lie he's ever told me was "I'll be there" when he had no intention of making it.
                --- the zebra

After I spent hundreds of dollars visiting a new guy out of state he says..."I want to be honest with you. My ex-girlfriend and I only broke up because of the distance between us (3000 miles)." So of course I asked what this had to do with me...."Nothing, I really like you." Do you still love her or something? "No, I just wanted to tell you since we had planned on getting back together over the summer." So are you guys getting back together? "No, I don't think so...I was just telling you." ...that is the biggest lie in America...if he didn't feel something for her, then why would he tell me about her? LIAR!!!!!
                --- Dei

I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on my on the forth week of our relationship. I asked him and he told me very straight forward, yes I have been cheating on you. I ask him why. He says i dunno. So later he says he wants to be friends again, friends, FINE. So we be friends. Later he tells me he's broken up with that girl and really likes me instead. So we end up being together. After him trying to screw me, we broke up and he told me that he really loved me...(yes, AGAIN) and that he had screwed that other girl DURING the first part of our relationship.
MAN did this guy lie to MANY girls....there were so many, i'd probably need a ZIP drive to handle list 1/3 of them. How many lies can men REALLY tell in their life?!
                --- Anon

Hi, my name is Linda. I live in Brooklyn, NY. I am writting because I would love to add my ex- boyfriend Frank, A.K.A LIAR, to your list.

It is amazing after 8 1/2 yrs of a relationship a person can lie right to your face and be so decietful. Tell me how can he look at himself in the mirror, and can his new rebound girlfriend be so foolish just because he bought her an engagement ring?

Well this "Liar" was able to lay in my bed during his visit back to NY during the holidays and tell me he loved me and if there was anyone else he would tell me. Meanwhile he was seeing someone new for 5 months, So not only did he lie to me but he lied to her as well. I found out by calling his apartment and she picked up the phone. So I would actually like to Thank Jennifer for the awakening and taking a "Liar" off my hands. I loved it when he would tell me he turned the phone off because he didn't want to talk to anyone but meanwhile he was with her in his apartment. Nice guy uh? Well I look forward to the day when he gets his turn. I hope it is good. Shame on me for believeing someone so dishonest! Thanks for the webpage, it's a great place to vent about the "Liar"!

                --- Linda



"Honey, I am so sorry that I was not home earlier, I was really drunk, don't even know how I made it to the airport where I got sick and vomited, then when I got back in my car to come home, I passed out and just woke up 15 minutes ago." This was at 4:35 in the morning after I had been home with his three kids that he was supposed to have for a visitation weekend....yeah, right....vomited indeed, I just wonder from which body organ!
                --- K

I have been seeing this guy for 5 1/2 years now. We became best friends and the relationship advanced from there. We were inseperable. We could always confide in each other. We have made plans to marry and move in together as soon as he finished with his BA last month. Yesterday he told me that he hadn't gone to school but one semester in the beginning and has no degree! He would sign up for classes over and over again but would soon quit for fear of failing. He also said he was afraid to tell me for 2 reasons, 1) He would attempt to sign up every semester and thought "maybe THIS time I will be able to go through with it," and 2) He was afraid of losing me, since this was going to be his career and source of income. I was stunned & shocked to discover our future plans together have been trashed. But cannot forget the fact that he didn't come to me with the problem! I mean, 5 1/2 yrs. is a long time to have to put up a fascade of going to college. I asked about report cards and was given copies cleverly printed off his computer. I feel broken. Lost dreams and plans, we got along so good together. He's helped me with ailing pets and family members, with bills, bought me just about anything I took a fancy to ...whenever I needed help he would be there, basically I've had no real problems with him till now..we even argued good ( meaning: I've always thought its not how well you get along in the good times, but when things get tough how you resolve it together; and he was great at calming things down) But in these past yrs. not once did he respect me enough or trust me enough to tell me about this so we could work it out? I am so confused as to what to do. He says he didn't mean to hurt me...still loves me...and wants to make it up to me in any way possible. He has even signed up for college again thinking he can make it this time! I feel like I don't know him anymore!! He must have lied to me hundreds of times over the years concerning his schooling, buying books, doinbg reports etc... Please help, this is driving me out of my mind trying to figure what and where this all went SO wrong!?
                --- Nina

I was "seeing" this guy,brandon who was 19 and thought I was 15 and one night I called him at the # he gave me and a lady answeared she gave me this other number saying he was at his dads I called there and his sister answeared she asked who I was
and (me being very stupid) I answeared saying his girlfriend.all a sudden she started screaming at me that he had a pregnaunt fience sleeping upstairs.After apoligizing for about two hours I hung up.Then my friend her boyfriend (who was brandons best friend) and was going to dump him for not telling me.But he new nothing about brandon having a fience.Brandon had lied about the whole thing to get rid of me.So I called back brandon.Him and his sister answeared the phone at the same time.And all I said was,"Sorry brandon, I
lied to you to.I'm only 12"( which was my true age)and hung up.
                --- michelle

My friend Tom is always telling me that he misses me and wants to come and see me. Then when he says he will show up at a certain time, he doesn't. Also another lie that men say is, "You can trust me and that I will never hurt you."
Yeah right men!
                --- Betty

It has nothing to do with you!!!
                --- Mildred

He's been telling me that he went bowling on wednesday nights. Well, it sounded like bowling but it wasn't.
                --- Jill

My husband had a long term affair.  When I ask if he slept with her, his response was "yes, but we kept our clothes on."
                --- Terry

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Look -- I know men lie a lot but I know a guy who is so foul he boasted of urinating in a woman's vagina while he was having sex with her. Girls, some of the most charismatic guys out there are sociopaths. I know a guy who is a complete, scum of the earth sociopath. I swear I hope he reads this and I swear I hope he knows I'm talking about him.
                --- Bowman

I slept with my best friend's best friend
                --- Miguel Marrugo

i dont like you, your just here so i have ti pretend to be nice.
                --- greg

I am a twenty-nine-year-old man and I've never lied to women.

Boy, do I regret it.
                --- "Anon"

Oh, it's always the same old lie: "You're beautiful, and I'd love to sleep with you, but that can wait. I'm more interested in finding out about you first." The trouble with that is that I usually believe it. When I have finally slept with them, I realize that I am not that interested in them and end up giving them some kind of brushoff that is so lame that it embarasses me. If I wanted to maintain some self respect I might say something like, "I think I might like you, but right now I can't think of anything but screwing you. Could we please decide what to do about that first?" I probably wouldn't get very many positive responses, but I wouldn't feel like such a jerk. I recently had a woman come on to me and tell me that I was just such a fascinating man, blah, blah. I responded very positively and we became somewhat intimate. Then she told me to get lost in a very unkind way. I think that she wanted to be petted and fussed over and told that she was beautiful, but she really didn't care who did it for her. After she got what she wanted. she was done. Unfortunately, I fell a little bit in love with her. It hurt like hell, but now I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that particular lie. I think I might not tell it, to myself or anyone else, anymore
                --- Jon

I couldn't figure out how to let my girlfriend know that it just wasn't working for me anymore. I told her I needed to go to Alaska to donate my kidney to my aunt. She believed me. I ran into her about six months later -- she already had a new boyfriend.
                --- Gary


I had this set of three really cute girls that were all really good friends and they were all totally in to me.  They would kiss me and stuff but nothing beyind that.  It was really frustrating.  But I found this other girl who would have sex with me and I knew that those three girls would be jelous that I was having sex with this other girl so when they asked me where I went after leaving their house at midnight I just told them, "Home."
                --- Jimmy

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